Mortice Deadlock's Day Out 1

On 13th July 2002, Lycraman, Dave and I got together to confuse London!

Lycraman wore a neon green catsuit, I wore a pink unicorn zebra suit, and Dave carried a camera to record the events.

You can read Lycraman's report of the day.

I started out changing at a Burger King in Camden high street (Lycraman had been in green since leaving home that morning). No sooner had we stepped out of the door than people were wanting to take pictures of us!
We innocently ambled around Camden, with Dave keeping a distance so he could get long shots of us.
But we did get lots of people stopping to stare at us!
Once one person asked to have a photo with us, lots of others also asked if they could click us too.
...which lead to crowds of cameras.
I can think of worse ways to spend a Saturday than being crowded by lots of nice looking girls :-)
I found some nice tall boots I wanted to buy
I decided not to try them on in the shop...
...but still got some odd looks from the shop assistants
Enjoying the sun, and getting stared down on from above
You'd think they'd never seen a pink zebra unicorn before!
Which way next?
We were quizzed by a group of girls outside Cyberdog
We went into Cyberdog since they have lots of ultra-violet lights which might make Lycraman's suit glow, but they wouldn't let us take photos inside
Catching the tube down to Leicester Square
A traditional tourist picture in China town
Fetish wear in Paradiso on Old Compton St
No trip to London would be complete without going to Clone Zone

To see all the pics, click here

Or read Lycraman's report of the day.

If you're interested, the camera used is a Casio QV3500, which is a zoom compact with 3.3megapixel CCD. It has an IBM 340Mb "microdrive" in it's CF2 socket. Dave took 125 pictures, of which the best 48 are on this website, scaled down and compressed for ease of download.

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